CBEYond the Moment: Climate-Smart Investment for the Challenges Ahead

In this evolving series, we offer deep-dive analyses, q & as with policymakers and experts, and technical primers. Together, they'll support the conviction that we can lead an intelligent recovery by targeting capital to fossil-free projects. 

A German transformation, interrupted?

Demonstrators (from the days of crowds) raise the flag for fossil-free Germany. Raising the capital may prove lonelier. 

CBEYond the Moment: The German of a Great Evolution

Before it shut down and reopened its economy, Germany stood out for policies the government called the Energiewende, which sought to convert Europe’s largest economy to run only on fossil-free sources. Covid-19 froze its implementation, as it has frozen much of the world. Now Germany has reopened schools and businesses. While some argue that COVID-related pressures will curb enthusiasm for the conversation on climate change, others believe that the need for economic stimulus could create fiscal space for policymakers to rebuild a cleaner, more sustainable world. This debate is beng held in virtual board rooms and city halls across Germany...
Michigan Saves Ad

CBEYond the Moment: State Banks Outline A National Climate-Bank Path

When the national economy kept churning, state-level green bank leaders crafted ways to help low-income and working communities to afford cleaner power. Now that the Covid-19 crisis has plunged the nation into an unemployment trough, a set of case studies from states hints at what kind of workforce and capital growth can flow from a national climate bank.
The Coalition for Green Capital looks forward.

Jeffrey Schub urges Congress to seed jobs of the future by capitalizing a National Climate Bank. 

CBEYond the Moment: Jeffrey Schub on Green Banks as Growth's Guiding Lights

Projects to succeed fossil fuel can put millions to work in the wake of the Covid-19 shutdown. Politicians who embrace that idea, argues Coalition for Green Capital Executive Director Jeffrey Schub, can find a clap on the metaphorical back from the public. With polls showing three-fourths of a bipartisan sample favoring government investment in clean-energy jobs, the Coalition has kept arguing for a National Climate Bank and detailing plans for progress without one.
Joseph FIordaliso, looking to the ocean and the roads to power the Garden State

For Joseph Fiordaliso, progress toward a fossil-free economy flows from top-level leadership to street-level entrepreneurship. 

CBEYond the Moment: Joseph Fiordaliso on New Jersey's Energy Master Plan

What's on the horizon for New Jersey after the Covid-19 crisis? When we spoke with Joseph Fiordaliso, the president of the state's Board of Public Utilities, the vision includes electric cars and buses, wind turbines in the ocean, and busy factories making wind-energy equipment. A Newark native with a crackly voice, Fiordaliso has regulated utilities in three Garden State administrations.
Ken Gillingham

Kenneth Gillingham, Associate Professor of Economics at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

CBEYond the Moment: Ken Gillingham on What Coronavirus Means for the Clean Economy

How can we shine a light on the smart choices for the long term in this confusing moment? Among other things, we can strike up conversation within our community. While most of us work from home and hang back from the ways we'd normally convene, we'll be sharing more insights from across the CBEY network. Here, economist Ken Gillingham lays out what the oil shock might mean for solar markets' progress- and how that progress can persevere.