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Miles Braxton, now off the fence and delivering solar arrays

From Overload to Optimism, Yale's Certificate Holders Emerge Fired Up to Lead

CBEY introduced a certificate program in 2019 that teaches professionals the policy, science, finance tools and innovation paths that define the path to a carbon-free future. As the second year of the certificate revs up next month, certificate holders reflect on how the program taught them what to ask, what...
The Bank of America tower: home base for carbon home truths?

From the lofty heights, zero net carbon seems visible. 

Each Public Company Needs to Reach Carbon Zero, Says Bank of America CEO

With economies around the world in need of a reset after the Covid-19 pandemic upended how we work and travel, chief executives are obliged to publicly work out strategies for growing economically while reducing carbon emissions. While corporate leaders have previously been vocal about, if not committed to, implementing emission...
How do you sum the value of everything in, from, and under these trees?

(Courtesy City Forest Credits.) Beyond soothing imagery, urban trees measurably lift air quality, energy affordability and employment. City Forest Credits aims to quantify what that's worth. 

A Startup Seeks to Raise Urban Equity

City Forest Credits matches nonprofits and cities to fundi urban trees. It describes its mission as one to make “American cities greener, healthier, and more equitable.” By computing value of rainfall interception, air quality benefits and energy savings, the outfit aims to define premium price for nonprofit organizations to charge...
Professor Shalanda H. Baker co-runs the Institute for Energy Justice

Transforming from dirty oil that exploits people to clean sun and wind that exploits people won't do: Shalanda Baker helps clean-energy professionals and community activists collaborate. 

CBEYond the Moment: Shalanda Baker

What would you do if the cause that lights your day turned out to be trapping fellow citizens in the dark? For Shalanda Baker, a professor of law and public policy at Northeastern University, thinking about a clean energy future means thinking about the daily, weekly and sometimes invisible ways...
Perspectives from State Experts
Susan Glickman

Susan Glickman / Bob Howard / CC BY-NC 2.0

Florida Battles to Create a Clean Energy Policy Framework

In this interview, Susan Glickman, Florida director for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, discusses the status of clean energy development in the state. Glickman lays out policy battles over renewable portfolio and energy efficiency standards, the state’s history of natural gas consumption, growth in utility solar programs, and an...
David Campell

Photo courtesy of David Campbell.

Cost-Competitive Renewables Poised to Grow in Deregulated Texas Market

Texas offers an instructive case study for the growth of renewable energy. Most of the state’s electricity is delivered through the deregulated Electric Reliability Council of Texas market. The state has long since surpassed its mandated renewable portfolio standard, so market dynamics dictate the ongoing pace of renewables growth. Nonetheless...