Allan Zhang

Allan Zhang
Yale School of Management, MBA, 2024

Allan is a MBA student at the Yale School of Management exploring the intersection of renewable energy and finance. At CBEY, Allan writes for the Clean Energy Finance Forum.

Prior to Yale, Allan was a Vice President of the Financial Operations team at Arcesium, a financial technology and professional services firm that delivers post-trade solutions to hedge funds and asset managers. He provided accounting and operations support for clients' asset-backed securities, non-performing loans, and private credit investments.

Allan graduated from the University of Michigan with a BBA in Business Administration and a B.S. in Economics. In his free time, you can find Allan playing and watching tennis, running outdoors, and traveling.

Authored Articles
Better than gold

Mission Mineral: Raising Finance and Strategy to Build Clean Infrastructure

As the world rapidly builds renewable energy infrastructure and transportation networks, the critical minerals' sourcing, processing, and trading will have profound economic, environmental, and geopolitical implications. Ensuring the critical minerals’ supply meets ever-rising demand while navigating the mineral supply chain’s impacts on the environment and society is a daunting challenge.
Solar Farm in Mountains

Explainer: How Does the Inflation Reduction Act Relieve Doubts About Clean Energy Tax Credits?

Most investment in solar and wind power involves drawing cash from investors who use those technologies' tax credits. The Inflation Reduction Act removes some barriers and doubts about the tax credits, signaling a rise in their use. But nothing is ever simple, and investors are bringing vital questions about timing...