Lisa Veliz Waweru

Lisa  Veliz Waweru
Product Manager, Operations Product Development at Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Yale School of Management, MBA, 2017 Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Master of Environmental Management, 2017

Lisa is infamous for her ability to get things done. She is results-driven and surrounds herself with hardworking teammates.

She is currently Product manager at Pacific Gas and Electric Company. She holds an MBA and MEM from Yale University. While at Yale, she served as the Executive Director of the Environmental Film Festival at Yale, programming 9 days of high quality environmental film for the general public in New Haven. She has worked with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and Pacific Gas & Electric. She is interested in the intersection between Operations and Human Capital within the energy sector. In her free time, she enjoys singing in a Motown/funk band, salsa dancing, and playing volleyball.

Authored Articles

Incentives Prime the Pump for the Clean Power Plan

The Clean Energy Incentive Program (CEIP) will tap financial resources to help prepare markets for the Clean Power Plan (CPP) in the United States. This two-year voluntary matching fund program will incentivize solar and wind energy in any states that opt into it. It also offers extra leverage for energy...

A Hands-On Workshop on Energy Efficiency Financing Program Design

What does an effective energy efficiency financing program look like? On May 31 in San Francisco, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) convened 23 representatives from across the country in a workshop led by Cadmus Group. They explored current challenges facing program designers.