Tanya Sinha

Tanya Sinha
Yale School of the Environment, Master of Environmental Management, 2022
WRISE (Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy)

I am a graduate student, focusing on Business and Energy. I spent the summer 2021 working with Hannon Armstrong, on different ESG strategies and corporate disclosures. I am interested in exploring mechanisms to deploy financial capital to accelerate towards clean energy transition. I am also working on frameworks to understand ESG risks in the public equities market.

Authored Articles
A car loads up on electricity, generating...value

(Courtesy Fairfax County, VA.) According to the Coalition's projections, this driver will soon find company. 

Firing Up a Credit Trading Market to Support Electric Vehicle Networks

If electric vehicles reduce carbon pollution, shouldn’t they get credit for doing so? The Connecticut has started working on a partnership that lets owners, suppliers and charging vendors create and market credits for the miles the vehicles travel. The Bank registered the First Validated Multi-Partner Carbon Offset Credit...