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Solar panels in Ohio

Rooftop solar at Ohio's Wayne National Forest / Wayne National Forest / CC BY 2.0

What’s Next for Renewable Energy in Ohio?

In July, the state of Ohio passed its HB 6 energy bill, which authorizes $300 million in annual surcharges on utility ratepayers, primarily to fund four struggling coal and nuclear power plants. The bill also scales back the state’s clean energy targets. Now that HB 6 has been signed into law, what changes will it bring for stakeholders in the industry?

‘True Grid Parity about More Than Electricity Price’

Effective grid parity will only be achieved when the cost of PV electricity factors in the expense of grid upgrades and the storage systems its intermittent nature requires, says head of Mercom Capital Raj Prabhu.
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Florida Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Utility Solar Development

The Florida Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that a decision made by the Florida Public Service Commission to approve a base rate adjustment requested by Florida Power and Light to recover costs for the construction of eight solar energy projects was appropriate and proper.