Anja Nikolova

Product Development and Sustainability Co-op at L'Oreal USA
Master of Environmental Management, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, 2017

Anja received her master's in environmental management in May 2017 and focused her studies on sustainability in business and international policy. 

She currently works in product development at L'Oréal in New York. 

Originally from Macedonia, Anja was raised and educated in Italy, the U.S., England, and Switzerland, and speaks five languages. She holds a BSc in biology and was an Italian National Merit Scholar. 

Her prior work experience was with the World Bank, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Since 2016, she is the co-founder and co-director of Tandem Language Café at Yale, an innovative language exchange platform.

Anja is a Rotary Global Ambassador. She enjoys the arts and horseback riding and was a member of the Yale Equestrian Team.

Authored Articles
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Clean Energy Brightens the Beauty Industry

Beauty and nature are closely interlinked. But what will it take to make cosmetics production green? In this Q&A, Clean Energy Finance Forum explores how global beauty companies are embracing sustainability. This industry is making intensive use of solar power and energy efficiency – and directing corporate financing in that direction.

Jump Starting Innovation from Carbon-Pricing Revenues

Leaders from business and government joined the dialogue on carbon pricing revenue at the “Innovating to Meet the Climate Challenge” event in New York City on Sept. 21. Revenues can enhance productivity across the economy by reducing the capital cost of renewable energy, enabling investments in different sectors and addressing corporations’ carbon portfolios, panelists said.