Building Blocks of Community Microgrids

This explainer series by Sara Harari and Nate Grady shows how microgrids are being used to transform the electrical grid.

A microgrid connecting to the office of a champion decision maker

The Role of Community Microgrid Champions

Community microgrids can be initiated by a wide range of individuals or organizations. They include mayors and utilities. They also may include “anchor” off-takers like hospital management, development companies, or community organizations. But to succeed, they require that at least one person really take the lead and energize the project.
Hospital connected to community microgrid

Community Microgrids – A Tool for Adaptation or Mitigation?

Co-authored by Sara Harari, Nate Grady, Emilie Charlotte Løberg and Sofie Møller As climate change becomes the new reality, policymakers must decide how to invest limited resources in advanced technology and infrastructure. At the heart of this challenge is the debate over adaptation versus mitigation: should we focus our efforts on avoiding the worst effects of climate change (i.e. reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses we release going forward), or should we divide our resources and invest simultaneously on adapting to the most likely effects of climate change? Historically, most international efforts have focused on mitigation; if we can quickly...