About Clean Energy Finance Forum

Clean Energy Finance Forum advances the growth of energy efficiency finance and renewable energy finance by providing high-quality news, events and dialogue. We produce insightful, analytical news articles and research explainers showing the trends and challenges at the leading edges of these fields. The United States is our primary focus, but we also cover international topics. We are experimenting with the latest innovations in online media, environmental journalism, and visual communication. Our team at Yale University is using a solutions journalism approach to producing cutting-edge business news.

The forum includes:

  • original feature articles covering research, programs, companies and conferences
  • biweekly news update containing high-quality curated and original content
  • online conversations among experts in the field
  • opportunities to register for webinars and attend events
  • lists of job opportunities

This forum, which was previously called Clean Energy Finance Source, was originally created by Clean Energy Finance Center (CEFC) in early 2012. The CEFC produced Clean Energy Finance Source through the end of 2013. Now, Yale Center for Business and the Environment is expanding the CEFC's original offerings for broader reach and higher impact.


Leadership Team

  • Alec Appelbaum, News Editor, Yale Center for Business and the Environment
  • Vero Bourg-Meyer, Program Director for Clean Energy and Conservation Finance, Yale Center for Business and the Environment
  • Stuart DeCew, Executive Director, Yale Center for Business and the Environment
  • Heather Fitzgerald, Assistant Director, Yale Center for Business and the Environment
  • Abigal Long, Social Media Manager

Writers as of August 3, 2021

Webinar hosts

  • Jeff Cohen, Student Webinar Series Manager
  • Xuan Du, Student Webinar Series Manager
  • Cory Yamada, Student Webinar Series Manager