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Ohio Voters Support Climate Action

A new survey finds Ohio voters support a broad array of policies to address climate impacts and increase production of renewable energy in the state, and want their elected officials to support those policies.
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Fifth Third Switches to Solar Power, Says It's First Fortune 500 Company Powered Entirely by Solar

With the opening of a solar facility in North Carolina built by solar developer SunEnergy1, the Cincinnati regional bank's pact to acquire its renewable energy credits is up and running. The solar facility is expected to generate clean power that is more than or equal to the amount Fifth Third uses in a year: 202,000 megawatt-hours – enough to power 25,000 homes.

Ohio Quick Data

Energy Efficiency:
Source: ACEEE
Score 3.00 / 8
Score 6.00 / 20
Score 1.00 / 10
Source: DSIRE
Energy Efficiency Programs:
74 Incentives and Policies
Solar Power:
Source: DSIRE
Renewable Energy Programs:
32 Incentives and Policies
Solar Energy Programs:
19 Incentives and Policies
Source: YPCCC

of people in Ohio support funding research into renewable energy sources in 2018.

(Same as the national average)
(est. 6,577,368 of 7,848,046 adults)

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