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Climate-Friendly Banking Might Be a Risky Thing

"As part of Europe’s promise to become the first 'climate-neutral' continent by 2050, the region is emerging as a leader in creating standards for green investments. But the push to get its banks to back sustainable assets needs careful scrutiny."

Why We Need Finance to Fight Climate Change

"There won’t be a transition to clean energy without a way to finance what could be the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken. Green banks — purpose-built financial institutions that facilitate funding of clean-energy projects — aim to lead the way."

Public Banking Can Fund Green Investment

"To ensure the long-term environmental health of the planet, we will have to spend. This spending cannot be wasteful, but must embody a pragmatic investment in our future."
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Senate Bill Seeks to Create National Climate Bank

The National Climate Bank would provide financing to regional, state and local green banks and invest in projects that reduce carbon emissions. The bill would also provide technical assistance for the start-up of new green banks around the country.