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What was that line from Hoosiers?

The President Has a Team, and Decarbonization Has Its Time

Jennifer Granholm, former governor of the auto-manufacturing mecca in Michigan, became the United States secretary of energy on February 25. Granholm now oversees a revamped agency that includes energy-justice advocate Shalanda Baker in a key role and other clean-energy doers in high places. Is this a downpayment on President Joe Biden's promise to reach carbon-neutral electricity in 14 years? It just might be, and Biden's White House team reinforces the idea.
Order, and law

What can a flurry of executive orders and an inch of partisan advantage make stick? 

Of Standards, Slim Senate Edges, and Seesaws of Executive Action

For four years, federal stimulus and standards pushed money backward toward fossil fuels. Since January, a new president whose party controls Congress has signaled that federal capital will rush toward the sector. But Congressional lawmaking support looks breakable. What can a clean-energy leader expect and do?
Miles Braxton, now off the fence and delivering solar arrays

From Overload to Optimism, Yale's Certificate Holders Emerge Fired Up to Lead

CBEY introduced a certificate program in 2019 that teaches professionals the policy, science, finance tools and innovation paths that define the path to a carbon-free future. As the second year of the certificate revs up next month, certificate holders reflect on how the program taught them what to ask, what to measure, what to consider and how to build support networks for the invaluable work ahead.
Michigan Saves Ad

CBEYond the Moment: State Banks Outline A National Climate-Bank Path

When the national economy kept churning, state-level green bank leaders crafted ways to help low-income and working communities to afford cleaner power. Now that the Covid-19 crisis has plunged the nation into an unemployment trough, a set of case studies from states hints at what kind of workforce and capital growth can flow from a national climate bank.
The Coalition for Green Capital looks forward.

Jeffrey Schub urges Congress to seed jobs of the future by capitalizing a National Climate Bank. 

CBEYond the Moment: Jeffrey Schub on Green Banks as Growth's Guiding Lights

Projects to succeed fossil fuel can put millions to work in the wake of the Covid-19 shutdown. Politicians who embrace that idea, argues Coalition for Green Capital Executive Director Jeffrey Schub, can find a clap on the metaphorical back from the public. With polls showing three-fourths of a bipartisan sample favoring government investment in clean-energy jobs, the Coalition has kept arguing for a National Climate Bank and detailing plans for progress without one.

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