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Sustainable Energy Takes Flight in Massachusetts

Among the many clean energy successes Massachusetts has had so far, some gaps remain, said Larry Chretien, executive director of Green Energy Consumers Alliance, in this interview. There are policies that could amplify sustainability further at the state level. Public enthusiasm has helped programs take flight.

Massachusetts Articles

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Don't Blow Out the Candles Just Yet

On September 23, this roundup leads with a note on Avangrid delaying a wind deployment several months because of supply issues.
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The Difference Between Heat Rash and Severe Dehydration

On September 13, news organizations noted that President Biden talked up climate policy aimed at growing a pollution-free economy over the next two decades despite the fact that prices had gone up on an annual basis from the previous August.
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Premium? Not With This Kind of Risk

This August 9 report pinpoints encircled homeowners who face prohibitively high insurance costs because their domicile now sits in a place likely to burn or flood.
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A Baker Attends to the Bay State Heat

After some deliberation, Massachusetts' Republican governor signed a law on August 11 that aims to boost offshore wind - without a disputatious price cap on bids that had made the governor hesitate.

Massachusetts Quick Data

Energy Efficiency:
Source: ACEEE
Score 7.00 / 9
Score 19.50 / 20
Score 10.00 / 12
Source: DSIRE
Energy Efficiency Programs:
68 Incentives and Policies
Solar Power:
Source: DSIRE
Renewable Energy Programs:
45 Incentives and Policies
Solar Energy Programs:
34 Incentives and Policies
Source: YPCCC

of people in Massachusetts support funding research into renewable energy sources in 2020.

(+4 of the national average)
(est. 4,871,694 of 5,450,298 adults)

last updated 8/31/2021

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