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Call it a Cactus Telegraph

On August 4, the publication quoted an Arizona bigshot supporting the climate bill currently before the Senate as catalytic for utility profits. A day later, Arizona's senior senator announced her support for the bill.
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Subnational Politics Rise to the Financial Fore

This July 24 nugget from a states-focused site declares "the state and local climate candidate" ascendant, with implications for public and private financial growth. (By way of disclosure, CEFF's editor has led a volunteer workshop for some Climate Cabinet candidates, not including the one this story profiles.)
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Escaping the Interior Monologue in the Southwestern US

The United States' Bureau of Land Management, says this July 16 story, approved a transmission line between Arizona and southern California that should support delivery of more renewable energy to those overheated markets.

Arizona Quick Data

Energy Efficiency:
Source: ACEEE
Score 5.00 / 9
Score 8.50 / 20
Score 5.00 / 12
Source: DSIRE
Energy Efficiency Programs:
42 Incentives and Policies
Solar Power:
Source: DSIRE
Renewable Energy Programs:
40 Incentives and Policies
Solar Energy Programs:
36 Incentives and Policies
Source: YPCCC

of people in Arizona support funding research into renewable energy sources in 2020.

(Same as the national average)
(est. 4,532,223 of 5,312,901 adults)

last updated 8/31/2021

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