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Red It and Reap

This January 24 analysis turns up a poorly kept secret: Republicans who voted against the job-boosters in the Inflation Reduction Act are seeing jobs flow to their district thanks to the law.
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Where's the EVquality?

This January 19 post (and, mostly, its links) sketch a yawning gap between EVs' broad mandate and their concentration among white, affluent Americans.
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Small States, Big Howls About Disclosure

This November 17 dispatch from a British tabloid reads out some state treasurers' claim that businesses will suffer under a proposed rule that requires them to tell investors how they're managing the energy transition.
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Virginia Approves 100% Clean Energy Legislation, Pushing State Toward 2.4 GW Storage, RGGI

The Virginia Clean Economy Act, narrowly passed by both chambers of the state legislature, sets one of the largest energy storage targets in the country at 2.4 GW by 2035 and pushes state regulators to devise a carbon dioxide cap and trade program that complies with the (RGGI).

Virginia Quick Data

Energy Efficiency:
Source: ACEEE
Score 5.50 / 9
Score 1.50 / 20
Score 6.00 / 12
Source: DSIRE
Energy Efficiency Programs:
33 Incentives and Policies
Solar Power:
Source: DSIRE
Renewable Energy Programs:
21 Incentives and Policies
Solar Energy Programs:
17 Incentives and Policies
Source: YPCCC

of people in Virginia support funding research into renewable energy sources in 2020.

(+1 of the national average)
(est. 5,697,808 of 6,546,346 adults)

last updated 8/31/2021

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