Bryson Wiese

Bryson Wiese
Yale University, Bachelor of Arts, 2024

Bryson Wiese (YC ’24) covers clean technology venture capital for Yale’s Clean Energy Finance Forum. Beyond CBEY, Bryson also serves on the board of the Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Fund, edits for The Politic magazine, and mobilizes student voters through Yale Votes. He enjoys outdoor sports and following current events.


Authored Articles
Climate tech these days extends to produce preservation

Apeel, a startup that's recently drawn venture investment, makes an edible coating to extend produce's shelf life. (Photo courtesy .) 

Explainer: The "Valley of Death" and the Challenges of Scaling Climate Tech

Financing through each stage of a venture's growth is possible - and increasingly available for climate-related startups. How do startups keep gaining investors as they grow into commercial companies and build their emissions-reduction bonafides at the same time?