Elizabeth Rich

Elizabeth Rich
BA, Georgetown University MA, Glasgow Caledonian University

Elizabeth is a sustainability strategist with a commitment to human rights, and developing and scaling market-based solutions to decarbonize the global economy and enable just & fair transitions. She studies in the Financing & Deploying Clean Energy certificate program's 2021-22 cohort. 

Authored Articles
Patrick Kovarik.Getty Images took this photo for Fashionista.

(Photo by Patrick Kovarik for Getty Images in Fashionista, September 25, 2020.) Chanel once staged a fashion show with wind turbines. The author argues that assertive tax policy can make renewable wardrobes a fashion-forward investment. 

Policy Memo: A Good Look for Apparel's Industrial Decarbonization Path

The US, as the largest consumer and highest emitter of carbon per capita, bears a critical share of the responsibility to facilitate a transition to sustainable practices. ​​​​​This article lays out the rationale and a pathway for the US to incentivize the apparel industry’s decarbonization. I propose a preferential tariff...