Luis Aguirre-Torres

Luis Aguirre-Torres
Director of Sustainability, City of Ithaca, NY
Yale University, FDCE, 2022

Dr. Luis Aguirre-Torres is the director of sustainability for the City of Ithaca, where he leads the implementation of the Ithaca Green New Deal, including the City’s Net-Zero 2030 and Climate Justice strategies. Prior to joining the City of Ithaca, he spent 12 years assisting Latin American countries develop innovation and climate change legislation, sponsored by USAID and the US State Department, and providing technical assistance for the design, implementation and financing of long-term climate change and climate justice projects, sponsored by the UN Industrial Development Organization, the IFC-World Bank and the Breakthrough Energy Coalition.

He is the founder of GreenMomentum, a market-intelligence and innovation firm focused on climate change and clean technology, as well as Cleantech Challenge and Cleantech Labs, the largest cleantech and hard-tech business incubators in Latin America. 

Since 2010, he led an ambitious climate justice program in Latin America, for which he was recognized as Champion of Change by President Obama in 2012 and by the White House Office of Science and Technology in 2016. 

Dr. Luis Aguirre-Torres is the former Chairman of the Latin America and Caribbean Council on Renewable Energy (LAC-CORE) and Chairman of the Energy Working Group at the Mexico -United States Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council (MUSEIC), sponsored by the US Commerce and State Departments.

Currently, he is the co-chair of the NYS Climate Impacts Assessment, Society and Economy technical working group.

He holds a degree in Computer Engineering, a Master’s in Computer Science and a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University College London.

Authored Articles
Targets for job creation lift at the local level in Ithaca, NY

(Courtesy of Jo Zimny Photos via Flickr Creative Commons.) Ithaca took its buildings off fossil fuel. It aims to take its job base in the same direction. 

Policy Memo: Making Buildings Carbon-Free to Make Real a Green New Deal

At the local level, a Green New Deal can crowd in private capital. In this update of a Financing and Deploying Clean Energy policy memo, the sustainability director for Ithaca, NY explains the holistic economic and energy-justice strategy driving the city's project to decarbonize all its buildings.