Remy Dhingra

Remy Dhingra
Yale College, B.A., 2020

Remy Dhingra is a senior at Yale College studying Economics and Energy. In addition to writing for CBEY's Clean Energy Finance Forum, she curates and writes content for the World Economic Forum's transformation map on climate change. She is interested in renewable energy, finance, climate policy and international economic development. 

Remy is also passionate about art. She is a head guide at the Yale University Art Gallery and conducts research for the museum's American Paintings and Sculpture Department. In her free time, she enjoys doing crossword puzzles, watching tennis, trying her hand at travel photography, playing piano and discussing Game of Thrones.

Authored Articles
Measure the microgrids' benefits in human terms

How Can Nigeria Use Its Mini-Grid Power Supply to Empower Rural Residents? (Second of Two Parts)

The first section of this story laid out how worldwide finance steered capital into Nigeria's rural communities through a grant process and a tender process, both designed to boost microgrid production. This conclusion asks how these programs pay off for residents and communities-and how their lessons can grow across sub-Saharan...
A mini-grid in Mali

Solar and diesel mini-grid in Mali / IRENA / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Risk-Pooling Initiative Strives to Unlock Commercial Investment in African Mini-Grids

Green Aggregation Tech Enterprise, a risk-pooling initiative aimed at removing barriers to private investment in mini-grids, looks to prepare off-grid energy financing for a self-sustaining future in Africa that involves all types of funding, including commercial lending.