Ritika Jain

Ritika Jain

Ritika is a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Candidate at the Yale School of Management studying strategy and financing for economic development and natural capital solutions, with a particular interest in the agriculture sector. While at Yale, she has worked with 12Tree on carbon financing for agroforestry systems in Guatemala and Village Capital on investment readiness for impact-driven, seed-stage startups. Before Yale, she worked in consulting with Accenture Development Partnerships, the social and environmental impact arm of Accenture Strategy that delivers strategy, innovation, and digital capabilities to help leading organizations in the international development sector maximize value while driving measurable impact. Ritika holds a B.S. in Economics with Distinction and minor in Global Health from Duke University. She is also an avid gardener.

Authored Articles
A tree in Guatemala, courtesy "RS" on Flickr

Which way will Guatemala and other carbon markets where smallholders dominate grow? (Photo by RS, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.) 

Report From an Agroforesty Project Sheds Light on Smallholder Carbon Strategies

A green sanctuary in the heart of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, Finca Chimelb hums with the melody of melodious blackbirds and chatter among local laborers. Spanning 4,751 hectares, the farm consists of rolling hills lined with high-value crops, such as cacao, specialty coffee, and cardamom, paired with rubber trees and other...