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Covid-19: The Low-Carbon Crisis

One of the space's sharpest clean energy analysts sees some glimmers of hope amid a steady storm of challenges as the world survives and eventually moves forward from the current catastrophe.
Alejandro Uriarte

Puerto Rico Climbs the Rocky Road toward Resilience

Since Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico has been a productive location for entrepreneurs who are eager to get involved in installing solar power and energy storage. One of them is Alejandro Uriarte, CEO of New Energy Consultants & Contractors. In this interview, he describes the rocky road that the island territory...

How Clean Energy Companies Can Help Migrants and Refugees

When refugees and migrants escape adverse circumstances in search of better lives, the organizations that assist them tend to not prioritize sustainable energy development as a tactic. But if these relief providers follow the recommendations of two reports published by the EU Energy Initiative Partnership Dialogue Facility and Moving Energy...

Property-Assessed Clean Energy Aids the Nonprofit Sector

How can social-service organizations tap into property assessed clean energy ( ) and achieve substantial savings? PACENation offered a webinar on April 27, “PACE for Nonprofit-Owned Buildings,” in which speakers outlined case studies of the success stories they have put in motion.