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House Democrats Release Renewable Energy Tax Proposal

The draft legislation would extend a host of renewable energy tax breaks, including the production tax credit and the investment tax credit. It also would expand the electric vehicle tax credit and create new tax credits for buyers of used electric cars and manufacturers of zero-emission commercial vehicles and buses.
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Power Companies Challenge Mexican Rule Change on Clean Energy

At least half a dozen clean-energy companies are taking legal action against the Mexican government over changes in regulations they say reduce the value of their investments and put the country’s environmental targets at risk.
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11 Attorneys General Urge FERC to Respect State Energy Rights

The attorneys general urged FERC to "promote market design choices that appropriately recognize the rights of states under the Federal Power Act to shape their resource mixes," a key debate between states and primarily multi-state eastern regional transmission operators, such as ISO New England and the PJM Interconnection.
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Hundreds of Mayors Urge Congress to Extend Solar ITC

More than 200 mayors across the U.S. have sent a letter urging Congress to pass a five-year extension of the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) with a particular focus on creating jobs and drawing investment. The bipartisan group of 231 mayors from 39 states and representing cities both large and small want Congress to pass the Renewable Energy Extension Act, which would result in the ITC extension.
Photo of Dylan Voorhees

Dylan Voorhees / Photo courtesy of Natural Resources Council of Maine

Maine Prepares for Policy Shift Toward Clean Energy

Maine’s renewable energy landscape is poised for big changes. Legislation passed into law in June establishes greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and an ambitious renewable portfolio standard. In this interview, Dylan Voorhees, climate and clean energy director of the Natural Resources Council of Maine, explains what the new laws mean for the state, and what brought about the shift in policy.
Solar panels in Ohio

Rooftop solar at Ohio's Wayne National Forest / Wayne National Forest / CC BY 2.0

What’s Next for Renewable Energy in Ohio?

In July, the state of Ohio passed its HB 6 energy bill, which authorizes $300 million in annual surcharges on utility ratepayers, primarily to fund four struggling coal and nuclear power plants. The bill also scales back the state’s clean energy targets. Now that HB 6 has been signed into law, what changes will it bring for stakeholders in the industry?